Second phase of bio-metrics expansion comes into force

Second phase of bio-metrics expansion comes into force

Canada is expanding its bio-metrics collection program. As of December 31, 2018, nationals from countries in Asia, Asia Pacific and the Americas must give their fingerprints and submit photos (bio-metrics) when applying for a Canadian visitor visa, study or work permit, or for permanent residence. This same rule came into effect for applicants from countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa on July 31, 2018, and for temporary resident applicants from 29 countries and 1 territory in 2013.

The Government of Canada has been taking steps to improve the bio-metrics process. To make it as convenient as possible for applicants to give their bio-metrics, Canada has expanded its worldwide network of visa application centers (VAC) and is allowing applicants to go to any VAC in any country they are legally allowed to enter or, if already legally in the United States, to one of 133 U.S. Application Support Centers.

Applicants who come to Canada to visit, study or work temporarily need to give their biometrics only once every 10 years. Permanent resident applicants need to give their bio-metrics each time they apply.

Bio-metrics immigration screening helps protects the safety and security of Canadians, and the integrity of the immigration system, while simplifying entry for travelers with genuine identities.

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