Finding a job in Canada isn’t easy – especially as foreigner or landed immigrant. We at Agnihotri Immigration Consultant would like to put forward some our use useful resource.

The majority of Canada’s economic growth is concentrated in the four major cities: Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and Montreal. Unemployment is highest in the Atlantic Provinces, such as Newfoundland and Labrador and Prince Edward Island. If you are seeking employment in Canada and you do not possess a work permit, you should be aware that it is more difficult to find a job this way. A prospective employer would need to obtain a work permit on your behalf. Many companies are reluctant to do this as it involves spending time and money with lawyers.

Qualifications and skills

If you are looking for a well-paid professional position, high English language ability is essential. In Quebec, companies will require excellent knowledge of the French language. English-French bilinguals are in demand; many companies have to do business with both English- and French-speaking Canada.

Depending on the job, qualifications are weighted differently. While the universal requirement for almost any position is some prior relevant experience, many well-paid jobs require that you possess a university/college degree and some other skills and abilities (i.e. computer, communication, etc.). Voluntary work and participation in sports are also some of the favourable characteristics that employers seek because in this time of teams and collective work, team participation capability is an essential factor.

If you are looking for a part time position to support your other endeavours (such as studying), it is normally easy to find some occasional work. Part-time positions, especially those in retail or catering, do not usually pay much. Think about your special skills. Maybe your native language is one people are looking to learn, so give private lessons or see if you can teach in a language school.

There is a significant underground job market in Canada. Many individuals working on construction sites and some other manual labour positions may not have a work permit. Although this is also an option, we do not recommend working without a work permit as this increases the risk of being deported and being forbidden to come back to Canada.

Some of the useful links

Recruiting Agencies

Recruiting agencies vary across Canada. Depending on their location or their area of specialization, they may address the needs of different companies and different individuals. Many agencies focus on short term or contract positions. In this case, they usually charge the employer and then transfer the pay to the worker net of their fees. Recruitment agencies are a very good option if you are looking for a contract position.


Talking and interacting with other people can help you find a job. Family and friends may know someone that is looking to hire a worker. Many job positions are filled through contacts and recommendations; knowing the right people can be a real help. Make sure you tell people you are looking for a job; personal contacts can often bring leads. Joining social clubs such as sailing, skiing, or even the board of trade of the city/region where you live can expose you to networking opportunities that may result in you getting a job. There are also online networking communities that have built-in features for finding jobs, check out the following links:

Career Centers and Fairs

There are a number of career centers in Canada. Some affiliated to educational institutions, some private companies.

They can be a useful place to start when looking for a job. Many offer guidance such as resume writing workshops and other useful courses that can be a real help in finding the right job and increasing your chances.

From time to time, career fairs are organized that bring together a large number of employers and provide information to the potential employees. These fairs can help you gauge your interest in a company and help you make a decision on how to conduct your search.

Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) Job Bank

As a designated federal body for the labour market in Canada, HRSDC offers many services to people looking for employment, including: resume writing workshops, mock interviews, etc. Please consult the HRSDC website  for more information.

Direct Company Applications

Depending on the industry, you can potentially get a job by walking into a company and asking for one. You can prepare paper resumes and submit them to the administrative assistants or secretaries. Remember that from the moment that you enter the company, you are being evaluated, so try to make a good first impression as that may just be the deciding factor in their hiring decision.


Many community and local newspapers have a classified section that contains job advertisements. In addition, there are some free local publications that only deal with job postings and that can be a good source of job search information. These can be found in the job banks, metro stations and at local HRSDC centers.


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