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Immigrating to Canada can be exciting; the process can be filled with challenges and complex situations. We are here to help new comers to Canada feel welcomed and at ease. Our goal is to allow the freedom to focus on the excitement of immigration by minimizing the challenges, particularly the stress and confusion generally associated with the process.

The success of any firm or any business in achieving its objectives depends on its management approach. We at Agnihotri Immigration have developed our own approach and a process in dealing with our clients. Each client and each case is unique in its form and we deal with each file with the utmost care. Each file has a common goal and our goal is to establish how to accomplish that goal. At first we sit down with our clients’ one on one and discuss the matters in confidence. Our next step is to make an achievable plan and let our clients know which pathway would be best suitable for them and how to achieve it. Our systemic approach can provide you a unified focus with regard to towards your objective and goal. We provide professional immigration and consulting services to clients from around the world. We are committed to assist our clients throughout the process from beginning to end in a friendly and competent way. We adhere to a strict code of conduct providing only genuine and quality advice for all processes in accordance with updated laws, rules and regulations.

1. Discover

This is our first meeting with Client. Where we understand what is the clients aim and objective and kind of services required

3. Document Analysis

During this process an agreement is signed with the clients and all documents are collected for evaluation of services.

2 .Evaluation and Verification

This is a critical phase were our skill and knowledge is used. Here we evaluate all the documents and transcript if required. This is a process were we also inform the client of other additional or supportive document to which the services will be provided.

4. Document Submission

This is a final phase before we submit the document to CIC or any concern visa office. During this process we re-check all the documents and its validated. After that we submit the document and follow up with the office each communication between our office and CIC or any other visa office is communicated to the client via phone or e-mail.

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The process of preparing the documentation, guiding at every step for the process was an amazing experience. I respect the commitment, dedication and their integrity. I will always recommend Agnihotri Immigration Consulting to every student.

David Lee – Hong Kong

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